Monday, May 26

It has been a big day in the life of my little man! He has been rolling over for a couple of weeks, but today he has done so without getting his arm stuck beneath him. It is so fantastic to see.
I also made him giggle out loud, something he hasn't done since his bad cold. I was tickling his tummy and making his puppet frog nibble at his tummy.
A wonderful day, plus he loved his dinner tonight which is great progress. He had a puree of cauliflower, sweet potato, carrot and asparagus.

I have made a decision, it is time to cut back again. We need to start saving money big time, if we ever want to own our own home again we need a big deposit. It is time to start using all the stock piled supplies we bought before my maternity leave began.

Wednesday, May 21

I have had my first trip into the local city centre....we have only lived here for 6 1/2 years!!!
It was actually a really nice afternoon, and made me think how sad it was that I do all my shopping online. I recently said to hubby that we ought to use our local fishmongers within the village, if you don't use these local resources, you lose them. Its very true, also of our high streets I suppose. Not that our purse strings would be able to cope with many trips!

I treated myself to a new cardigan and a pair of pyjamas both at bargain prices, and my little man to a couple of tshirts and a pair of shorts. I also found some garden bargains, a big bag of rose feed for a pound in the pound shop, and 2L of tomato feed for £2 so both at very thrifty prices.

I love books, and hope my son loves them just as much. So I bought him a classic; The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Hopefully we will get time to read it tomorrow. I may even take him for his first trip to the library!

Saturday, May 10

Rain, rain, go away! 
Actually it hasn't been nearly as bad as predicted today. The wind has blown the rain clouds away until now. I did manage to get a load of washing dry bar a couple of bits. This photo makes me smile, it is from last summer when I was washing up baby clothes ready for our new arrival. He has so many clothes, much more than me, and so many of them have already been put away in vacuum bags awaiting the next outing.
Line washing is so lovely, and I tend to take it for granted in the summer months, but miss it so much in the dark winter times. I have to admit I am not looking forward to drying nappies indoors. 

Wednesday, May 7

Today: I have just finished off the supermarket order ready for delivery tomorrow morning. Since having the little man I have not been keen on doing the weekly food shop, so I bought a delivery pass for Sainsbury's home delivery. Excellent! We do still spend more than I'd like, but it has definately halved our bill each week as hubby it terrible and puts in all sorts of naughty calorie laden food. We do go to the store about once a month or less to stock up on meat, as I like the butcher counters, but I admit even that is getting rarer. I do like using local businesses when I can, but my local butcher is terrible. Twice I have tried it and twice I have have had bad experiences.
It can be hard to cut down food costs. As we are trying to lose weight we are eating a lot of fruit and salad, and that costs more than I could feed us on. I don't mean by eating processed rubbish, but good home made meals with plenty of veggies all be it in rather larger than normal portions hence our weight problems. I am looking forward to the summer when the garden gets productive. I already have pea shoots coming up so salad leaves are not far away, but sadly the tomato plants and beans are a long way off.
I have a lot of willow planters in the garden this year as I have used them to divide it up. The trouble with having with dogs is they do tend to mess, so I have made an area they are not allowed in when we are not in it. It will keep it clean for when we want to take Jonathan out there. The other plus point is it is a huge excuse to get growing a lot more than I have the last couple of years. I won the planters a few years ago and have used quite a few, but this uses them all up, and I filled them economically with multideals on grow bags.
Come on summer, hurry up! that last post was a year ago....
There is a good excuse for such a long gap....we have a baby boy! When I wrote that last post I was unknowingly about 4 weeks pregnant, and now we have a bouncing baby Jonathan who is five and a half months old.
I am not sure if I will keep this up, but I thought it would be nice to keep a little diary of these precious times. Already so much has been and gone, but I am loving every (we nearly!) minute of it.

May Day weekend was a bit of a pants time. Jonathan came home with a cold at the end of last week and decided to share it around, so mummy and daddy have been suffering too. However, we did manage a stroll around the May Day fair in the village. It did have its big highlights though, little one found his feet and loves rolling around on the change mat. He has gotten almost all the way over, but his arm gets in his way at the moment and he cannot move it himself. Its so lovely to see though. He is also getting the hang of this eating food lark. He screws up his gorgeous little face at everything so far, but he eventually eats it. Carrots and broccoli are good so far, though the baby rice and porridge is a no no.

I have started to move him up to the next size clothes now. He has been wearing the trousers for a little while, or at least some of them as he needs the room to go over his cloth bum, but now the 3-6m ones are starting to look this shorts. Not so bad when its warm, but his little legs get cold in the chilly afternoons.

A little about mummy now...I am good, though as fat as ever. I weigh the same as I did before I got pregnant but have definately changed shape. I have a huge tyre under my big it was breaking point on Monday night when I was sitting on the sofa in another too tight top. Action stations....I joined weight watchers again. I have been meaning to for a while but never gotten around to it. Now was that time.
So, my big scheme is to lose as much as I can before we begin trying for baby number 2, which wont be far off due to our ages. Plus try and lose a bit before going back to work would be good too. I must dig out some ww recipes of old and get into the swing of things.

I am planning to got back to work, but only for 12 hours a week, so things are still going to be frugal, although hubby's business is going well now and is paying for our bills which is fantastic. However parsimoniousness is still the name of the game!

Monday, March 18

 I am quite a stressy person! I have now been put on high blood pressure tablets by my doctor, which is not good! Ideally of course I should be losing weight, and I am cutting down on the nasty, but oh so yummy stuff! Anyway, along those lines I have decided to take up a relaxing hobby....knitting!
It is one of those things I have been wanting to take up for years, but have never gotten around to. Last week I spent a bit of time googling knitting basics to get me started, and bookmarked a few. Then today I went out to the local wool shop and asked for their advice. They recommended a knitting encyclopedia and a ball of wool to get me started and off I went happy as larry!
When I got home I dug out the huge bag of knitting needles my Nan gave me last year and set to work!
It took a combination of both the book and You Tube but I now have a lovely little piece of garter stitch! Now it is time to try purl! This is fun!

I also bought some material while I was there to have a go at the pattern my mother in law bought me at Christmas time. Another new hobby! I already have the cotton to match, so if it does work out I will have a new top for £9.....but that is getting ahead of myself.....

Tuesday, March 12

 Typical! I say how lovely the weather is becoming and it does an about turn right back into winter and snow! Snow! In March! Its very pretty, but no thanks! Besides, I nearly skidded across a busy road this morning when taking hubby to the train station, not good!
However, the sun is beaming and melting it, and its actually warmer today than it was yesterday. That called for thick leek and potato soup  to warm the cockles. Served with fresh toasted homemade bread, and a clementine and a little almond bun for pudding. Very filling!
Today I thought I'd follow a recipe for dough sticks, think of Pizza Express dough balls but longer, that I saw on a blog that I just adore: Danielle Blissful and Domestic blog. She is an inspiration! I highly recommend you pop along and have a read.
I used her recipe for breadsticks, but adapted it to suit:

2tsp dried yeast
1tsp sugar
0.75cup warm water
1.75cups bread flour (I used white)
0.5tsp salt
2tbsp oil
I put all these is the bread machine on the dough setting. When it finished I left it to prove for about 30 minutes before knocking it back and rolling it out. I cut it into strips using a pastry cutter which gave then a zig-zag edge. Then dusted them with parmesan and gave them a little spray of oil. I then baked them at 240C for just 6 minutes.

They are dangerously moorish! But they are a good little filler to go with a salad, soup or just to bulk out dinner. I also put some shropshire blue cheese into the machine as I had a small piece in the cheese box that was dated use by November 2012! Bah! Use by dates on cheese?! By definition its mouldy!
Hubby just came home.....cor something smells tasty....well they have been hit...hard! I was going to try freezing some but we will see!